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Where he showing the bullet is not even close to throat. Either bad /damaged chamber or bad ammo.
My guess the reloads are the problem.

Factory 44WCF rounds should drop and rim bottom out on chamber mouth. Should be clearance between chamber and cartridge body .

1892 chambers have two issues that can arise , the extractor slot edge and ejector slots on bottom have a knife edge to chamber mouth .
If that edge gets damaged chamber mouth can be distorted.
You realize that it doesn't have to be the throat that stops the cartridge? A bullet .004" over nominal diameter will expand the case neck accordingly. If the chamber neck is on the tight side, that .430" bullet may expand the case neck too much to chamber properly. I have an 1873 that won't chamber a round loaded with a .430" but my Rossi 92 will. My SAA won't chamber a .430" but my S&W 544 and Ruger Vaquero will. They aren't hanging up in the throats.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts