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drifter mike
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Posted - 12/24/2006 : 2:45:38 PM

Just made a deal for a little martini in 430 long Kynoch, GunBroker item # 62280645. I can not find any info on this round. Has anyone had any experience with this cartridge? All I know is it can be made from the 44/40 case. When I get it I will post a few pictures.
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Posted - 12/25/2006 : 11:22:05 PM

Cute little round. It should be a lot of fun to shoot. The bottom of the page in the Eley catalogue I lifted this from says the rounds on the page are also available in smokeless upon special order, so I assume the 20 grains of powder listed is BP.

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drifter mike
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Posted - 12/26/2006 : 12:00:00 PM

Kind of looks like a 44 spl. Couldn't be that simple though! Do you have any other info? Not listed in COW
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Posted - 12/26/2006 : 2:46:28 PM

The .44 special looks real close and it may fit with out much work depending on the chamber size. I like the odd-ball cartridges. I hope the following helps. To be on the safe side I would do a chamber cast with Cerrosafe. Steve

Caliber Rim Diameter Base Diameter Neck Diameter Case Length
430 Long 0.502 0.452 0.445 1.04
44-40 0.525 0.471 0.443 1.305
44 Special 0.514 0.457 0.456 1.16

Sorry about the chart. For some reason I could not get it to line up.

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drifter mike
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Posted - 12/26/2006 : 9:03:11 PM

Looks like the 44 spl would be a good case to start from, might even be able to use 44 dies to load.

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Posted - 12/27/2006 : 03:11:43 AM

I suppose such a rifle is known as a "kangarook rifle", being the Oz. version of the rook rifle

John Wallace
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Posted - 12/27/2006 : 07:21:15 AM

It looks like a useful caartridge, and about the largest that can be fitted into a small Martini. I think it woud also be the most powerful in the black powder days. I believe it was available in the UK, but little used there, because there wasn't much between a hare (often a long-range proposition) and smal deer
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