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.410 Lee Speed?

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I saw something interesting the other day, I decided not to buy because honestly I wasn't tremendously interested, but thought I'd ask nonetheless.

It was a MLE/Lee action, with a MLE bolt (thumb safety on the cockingpiece), the three-bundled-arrows commercial proofs, a dovetail on the barrel for a rear sight but no rear sight, and was smoothbore .410, solid floor of the action with no provision for a magazine, and stocked in a one-piece (no wrist collar) sporting stock.

Looked like a generic cheap garden gun, and that's what I figured it was. For a bid of $150 I let it pass but it did surprise me that it was ever made.

Can anybody tell me anything about it besides or in contravention of my guess that it was a cheap rabbit gun?
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It's listed in the 1912 BSA catalogue as a cheap rabbit gun, so your instincts are working properly.
We see these guns occasionally here. They were cheap shotguns based on components BSA were churning out anyway. Some turn up in Rook & Rabbit calibres.
These are neat little garden guns. Chambered in 2-1/2 inch 410. Very light, about 4-1/2 pounds. Although the bolt appears to be a modified long Lee item, it is not interchangeable with that of the rifle, the receiver and trigger group are totaly different.
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