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3mil. Type 56. Hold-out from the Century Arms cache. From "Arsenal /twenty-five\"

In October of 2012 Century Arms announced that they had acquired a considerable cache of importable Type 56 SKS -- via the Albanian stockpiles. That same month, Century Arms posted this photo on their websites and on their facebook page (note the #30 painted on the stock wrist):
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The sale was further advertised on with the same rifle pictured:

Last week, by sheer chance, I won a GB autcion for rifle in the photographs. I broght it home yesterday.

All matchinh 3mil. Likely a "hand-select" rifle.

My guess is that Century Arms sent the rifle to tactical-life publushing so they could take pictures for a magazine write-up. Afterwards they likely just held onto the rifle, while the Century cache dried up tout-suite. Until, two weeks ago when the it popped up for auction on the 'broker. I picked up yesterday in an unscathed Century Arms box.
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