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Naw Adogs :
remember 3 dog nite ? try explaining that to a Spanish speaker that your rock group ia called " noche de tres perros ", they give you a blank look and realize you been in the states too long.
So you have the anti-tank gun case length. The AP round I got for Linda at Del Mar two years ago came my way for 45.00 I was not about to complain as Wally had a similar one inside his case for 150. The seller saved it for me !.
No need to get crazy, that old tape is original, all "artillery" ammo had a seal over the primer, it would burn off when fired, at times you will see cases where you still see the shadow of the tape. Most complete rounds I have seen have the primer struck after disassembly, the powder being trown away, same for the filler in the HE cavity and the fuse has the gaine discarded and in most cases the detonator popped off.
Can't tell you much regarding the safety pin & flag / string pull off, have not seen enough to form an opinion.
It appears to be painted in the later style of yellow band location. Wonder what date and make is the projo & case .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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