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Hi to all. As I've retired I don't get online except about every one or two months. However, I have a question.

Many years ago I got some Mk vll .303 from Samco Global. Well, this past week I pulled it out and what I had thought was well stored, had mouse damage. Droppings and pee in the shipping box. Most look OK but some have minor to extensive Cu blue/green on the area around the primers. Is this safe to shoot/ pull bullets or what? I'm thinking not.

When the shipment came, I pulled out a couple of boxes and they were all POF of different years. Much to my surprise, as I cleaned out the trash, there were a number of 'old' Brit ammo in the bottom. So, a 2nd question. I figure that the RG 44 is Radway Green 1944. However, what is/are R (broad arrow) L 1944; CP 44; DA (broad arrow in C) 1944? I'm thinking the last one is Canadian but I really don't know. All of these are beautiful looking except the last one.

I don't know when I'll be back but you all have always been very helpful, so thanks in advance.
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