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30 Carbine ammo question.

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I recently posted that a friend picked up some 30 carbine surplus; I started wondering if there have been any "updated" loads for this caliber?

Recently, new bullets and factory loads have updated the 45-70 and the 30-30 to new performance and popularity; has anyone tried something similar with the 30 carbine? I really like the light weight and handling of the carbine, but it has no real value as a hunting rifle for anything larger than bunnies. I would like to carry a light gun like this for pig hunting, but at the short (less than 100 yds) ranges the bullet lacks the power to give much confidence.
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Speer and or hornady make a couple bullets that I have shot in my carbine. 100 or 110 grain plinker half jacket half lead. then there is the varmint bullet 110 grain jacketed bullet with a hollow point. I used to shoot a lot of 110 grain hollow points and the 93 grain fmj from the 7.62x25mm ammo. Some friend gave me a bunch of this stuff so I pulled the bullets and shot them. Some of the remington 125 jacketed soft pointed bullets should work but you have to reduce powder charges. Frank
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