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First up a PF serialed No.1 Mk4 in pretty unmolested condition although the buttstock may not be original. The wood is just different enough for me to be unsure. $229

Second is a No1 MkIII* by BSA dated 1936. Has the Iraqi Jeem mark on the knox form. Bad news was the scrubbed wood and no safety spring. He wanted $299 for that one.

Third is a sportered No.4 but it was a bit a mystery/mixmaster. Maltby 1944 on the wrist with a Maltby serial repeated on the receiver. Then it gets weird. Very faintly EP'd on the receiver is FTR (F) but I could not read the date. The shortened wood was Mk2 type, but I could not see Mk1/2 anywhere near the FTR mark. Now things get really bizarre. Somebody had stamped "No.4 Mk1*" on the receiver. I checked again and it is a Mk1 receiver with the bolt head release. What is that all about? It had a pressed steel rear sight with a big protruding lever to move the slide. They wanted $95 for it.

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Go get all three.
The last one is a known mis mark of Maltbys with the *.
The Iraqi is a nice year to have. It is military, as BSA didn't date their commercial stuff.
Any unmolested metal PF is worth that. Just my .02€
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