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Nice one! Looks like it has some nice figure in the buttstock too.

Coincidentally, I just ordered my first 9.3x57 HVA from Allan's Armory, and it could be a twin to yours. Same stock and receiver configuration. I picked mine because I've been reading how much fun everyone else is having with the 9.3x57 caliber, and I wanted one to play with too. Just ordered a set of Hornady dies and 285 gr. PRVI bullets too. This is going to be fun!

The serial number on mine dates to 1942 using the HVA serial number tables. I wouldn't be surprised if these m/38 receivers were picked out of the same bin as those used to build military m/38 rifles. In other words, new military receivers, not rebuilds from existing rifles. One clue would be if there is no serial number on the left side of the receiver.

Here's mine.
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