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To start with, only a SMALL number of southerners owned slaves. Most of the army was made up of people who DID NOT! The war was about STATES RIGHTS, NOT slavery.
AND NO I am NOT making excuses for the KKK. Incidently that group of jackasses had plenty of members in the Northern states as well. You might want to read a bit about the New York draft riots where blacks were murdered.:rolleyes:
Most of the racists today are not white. I offer the rev. jesse, the rev, al, and of course the (GOD DAMM America)rev. Jerimiah Johnson.
The Truth Finally comes out!!!!! it BRussell....and understand it..
You of all people talking down on the Southerners.....hell sometimes I think you're the biggest Commie Dictator on the Board.....I would hate to see what you're like in person....:p
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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