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24/47-M48 bolt questions

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First question is---were all 24/47's originally made with only straight bolt handles ? Conversely, were all M-48's made with only bent bolt handles ?
2nd. question---should the bolts interchange between the 24/47 and the M 48 ?
I have one of each...24/47 w/bent bolt handle, may be a reworked bolt, as even to my untrained eye it kinda looks like it may have been restamped w/ S# to match receiver. When I tried to interchange this bolt to my M 48 it gets tight, tight, when I close the action.
The other, a complete mismatch M 48 w/straight bolt handle. This bolt works in either rifle. Funny thing is...even though the stock/receiver #'s don't match, there is still cosmoline around the rear of the upper hand guard where it meets the receiver.
Will post pics. when I can find our camera.
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Thanks Nothernug.
The bolt interchangeability must be a headspace problem on the M48 with that particular bolt. While that bent bolt works OK on both my 24/47's it's very tight on the M48.
The M48 is a complete mismatch and the stock has no inleting to accommidate a bent bolt as shown in the picture on the link you provided.
Interestingly enough, I just took the four Mausers I have gotten to my gunsmith yesterday, the 2-24/47's, the M48, and my 1895 Chileano, to have bores, headspace, etc., checked. The guy was smiling as he checked each one, and stated these were some of the better headspace checks he had seen in his shop in some time.
We did not try the bolt switch while I was there and I will leave them as is since they checked very good otherwise.
Thanks again, just found the camera and will try to get some decent pics. and see if I can figure out how to get them posted.
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