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24/47-M48 bolt questions

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First question is---were all 24/47's originally made with only straight bolt handles ? Conversely, were all M-48's made with only bent bolt handles ?
2nd. question---should the bolts interchange between the 24/47 and the M 48 ?
I have one of each...24/47 w/bent bolt handle, may be a reworked bolt, as even to my untrained eye it kinda looks like it may have been restamped w/ S# to match receiver. When I tried to interchange this bolt to my M 48 it gets tight, tight, when I close the action.
The other, a complete mismatch M 48 w/straight bolt handle. This bolt works in either rifle. Funny thing is...even though the stock/receiver #'s don't match, there is still cosmoline around the rear of the upper hand guard where it meets the receiver.
Will post pics. when I can find our camera.
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Original model 1924 rifles as manufactured by Yugoslavia had straight bolts. There was a very limited exception. Some M1924s were configured as "carbines" by adding extra sling swivels as on the vz24. Some few of these were given bent bolts. These bolts are very rare costing as much or more than a rifle IF you could find one for sale. They differ from the M48 bent bolt in having a serpentine shape bolt arm and a checkered flat.
Here's a link to a photo comparison...

The M48 was only made with bent bolts, no exceptions.

The M1924, 24/47= a refurbished M1924 and M48 are the same actions and the bolts interchange (allowing for headspace)

It sounds like your M48 got an M1924 (24/47) bolt.
Conversely, Samco's bent bolt 24/47s have M48 bolts.
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