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236# "Preparations of the flesh".

Noah, secure his independence all his planning before problems cut off resources as instructed by GOD's water project!
with knowledge of the expanding problems approaching wintery expectations of interrupted services soon.
weather, war, political positioning and supplies spread thinner than last two years, will be nothing.
yet FREE will passively going along with habits, comforts. thoughts of having less in normal times, delt two years!
still accumulation storages preparing like depression area fixes, a must now.
skipping thanksgiving one meal...have a simple dinner this year.
that money expense for store housing needs.
Survival, regular canned, foods, canned meats... stretching foods storages even if its costly.
Hunters well its meat free, processed little expenses.
200 lbs. deer, bear. Other critters!
"LORD ITS IN YOUR Will that preparations be done, and sufficient, our dependence are directed from Your vision for mankind's guidance's connected by faith prayers amen" ><
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