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Is this a conversion? Like a barrel and receiver insert? Was it a purpose made .22. Any info on this rifle would be appreciated. It amuses me. :)

These were converted by replacing the original barrel with an excentric-chamber .22 barrel. The patent dates back to 1929, and many of these barrels were sold on the civilian market. Towards the end of the 1950s the Army and National Guard had 3000 M/1894 rifles converted to .22 for training purposes, mine is one of these. The "400M." stamp in the stock signifies the sight setting for shooting at 15 meters. I'll post some close-up pictures later on.

Edit: I took a few pictures to show the chamber. Only the extractor needed a little bit of modification to fit the .22 rimmed case.

Very nice Balder!
Who made the rear and front sights?


I don't really know, I had never seen this particular kind of sight until I got this rifle two weeks ago. I doubt it is Kongsberg since they had two other types. I'll look into this to the extent possible.

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