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.22 pistol selection

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Hi there,
I've been considering buying a .22LR pistol for a while now.
Went to the local gunshop on saturday, and they have two likely candidates, both in used but perfect condition. A S&W model 41 and a FN-Browning medalist. The S&W is a little more expensive (probably due to the fact FN's abound over here), but that would not be an issue.
Which of these two would you reccomend? Thanx 4 yer feedback.
Best Regards, A
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Andrey, its a question of taste, thirty years ago FN Herstal presented me with a 22 Challenger, which is a lighter pistol than the Medalist, and I had a lot of fun with it,grips are similar to those of the Medalist and are excellent, reliability is ok, though it prefers stronger loads to clear the spent ctdge,precision is perfect-
The S&W 41 that I also own is one of the best proucts of the S&W line, grips are simpler than those of the Medalist but good enough, precision and finish are excellent-There are in
my experience two points that I should mention, the trigger is extremely sensible, and when you try to minimize the overtravel(which is adjustable) the trigger does not lock properly and you can not shoot, it seems that it does not return to the proper position-I never tried to have this porblem solved because I have the pistol since 1978 and shot maybe ten boxes-The second observation is that when I bought the gun it had the 7 1/4" barrel, I loved the long barrel, but once in the field the nose was not as heavy as I wanted, I wanted a steadier nose-Left the pistol aside and some three years ago I found a 4"barrel and installed it, the balance changed dramatically<IMO the gun is steadier with the shorter barrel-
The decision is yours, either way you'll end up having a good pistol-Enjoy
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Andrey, I interpreted that your choice was between the S&W and the Browning.For the money I'd go for the Ruger Mk II, I usually practice with it and shoot steel plates at 100 yards with the standard trigger-IMO its the best pistol for the money
I absolutely coincide with Citizen Carrier about never dissasembling the guns for the fun of it, cleaning can be done as mentioned and gun will work forever-I have a Colt Woddsman Match Target with more than 150,000 rounds and NEVER dissasembled, only once, when the firing pin broke, I took the slide out of the frame, installed the pin and that was that-Cleaning with good carburettor spay is fine, as the liquid is too dry I apply a light oil afterwards and the gun is still running as when it was new-
German mentality, let me tell you a short story-Back in 1968 I imported a Mercedes Benz car to Argentina; as the car was rare I thought that I should have an extra set of keys in case they could get lost-As I was travelling to Germany I took the key of my car and went to a shop to order a couple of copies-The man in charge gave me a kilometric speech and denied the request, the reason was that at that time you needed the order of a judge to make copies of your keys!!
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