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.22 pistol selection

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Hi there,
I've been considering buying a .22LR pistol for a while now.
Went to the local gunshop on saturday, and they have two likely candidates, both in used but perfect condition. A S&W model 41 and a FN-Browning medalist. The S&W is a little more expensive (probably due to the fact FN's abound over here), but that would not be an issue.
Which of these two would you reccomend? Thanx 4 yer feedback.
Best Regards, A
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Thx for the feedback guys, i appreciate it.
I'm looking for an all-steel pistol. Hence the choices. Browning Buckmark shoots great and is virtually indestructible (one of the rental guns in our club must have shot like 50.000 rounds or more and is still working fine), but it hasn't the same look or feel as the "classics" i mentioned. Ruger is out of the question. I had one for a couple years and liked the looks and craftmanship, but i could not shoot it. The trigger was way beyond horrible. Can't even compare it to a wet sponge. And reassembly after cleaning was pure hell. I lost buckets of sweat in frustration over that one. I sold it to a friend, and he still enjoys it a lot and shoots very good scores with it. So i guess it's just me.
I've asked my gundealer if it would be possible to try both pistols, i suppose i'll decide after that. And of course my wife has to ike it too, as she will be shooting it most.
Well, i'll keep you posted on the outcome, in the meantime feel free to give comments and advice.
Best regards,
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Yep. That's my main worry about the Smith. Every gunshop in the country has a least a couple Brownings of the Medalist or Challenger family for sale now. Mainly due to the recent change in gunlaws, which ment a lot of "old" shooters who are no longer active had to give up their guns. And i suppose (but not sure) spare parts can still be had.
On the other hand, what can break that is irreplacable in such a well made gun?
Suggestions from Smith 41 owners are welcome ...
Best Regards,
Got some more information on the two guns i can't decide between.
The FN-Browning is indeed a Challenger, not a Medalist.
Should that influence my descision?
Thx & Brgds, A
Thx everibody for your input. Went back to the shop last saturday and asked the guy to put the 41 away for me. It's the short model (5" barrel?), has adjustable trigger, no scratches or dings. Looks fine to me. The only minor negative point is that it comes with only one magazine. But i guess i can pick up a couple spares somewhere sometime.
Now asa the paperwork is fixed (count 2 months, if i'm lucky) i can pick it up.
In the meantime i put my Beretta 92F up for sale. I don't shoot it anymore since i got the Browning HP aniway. Btw, the Smith was for sale for 450, got it for 400, so i guess i made a good deal. I should break even with selling the Beretta, which was the point of the excercise.

Thx again & Best Regards,
Never have seen a High-Standard over here. One guy in our club has a Mitchell. Shoots good but was a little finicky when new. Needs high powered ammo.
Checked out the Mosquito, totally unsatisfactorily...
Aniway, i did buy the Smith, and a friend of mine in Arizona got me a couple of spare mags at a gunshow last weekend, so i'm set. Now i just have to be patient for te paperwork to get processed. Hopefully in time for Christmas ...
Brgds, A
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