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2 K-98's Prices reasonable ?

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Just came across 2 K-98's for sale. Came across these while calling about a different item this person had for sale
The guy said he collects, buys, sells them and had two complete ones for sale.
One is a bcd4 ...price $500.
The other is a dou 44 ..price $600.
He said they are NOT RC's and he will not deal with them.
I didn't ask for details because cash is a little tight and I don't have the knowlege yet to not get ripped off.
Just wondered if these prices are in the right ball park....if everything is as it should be.
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More details needed

Those are cheap prices for all matching non-imports, but the problem is you don't know if they are. All you know is that they are not Russian Captures that go for 250.00 - 300.00.
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