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2 K-98's Prices reasonable ?

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Just came across 2 K-98's for sale. Came across these while calling about a different item this person had for sale
The guy said he collects, buys, sells them and had two complete ones for sale.
One is a bcd4 ...price $500.
The other is a dou 44 ..price $600.
He said they are NOT RC's and he will not deal with them.
I didn't ask for details because cash is a little tight and I don't have the knowlege yet to not get ripped off.
Just wondered if these prices are in the right ball park....if everything is as it should be.
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There was a post about 2 months or so back about someone that had purchased two matching mauser only to find they were fakes. He was able to get his money back and if memory serves me right I believe one was dou. Wonder if it's the same 2?
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