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Guys, here are two bullet molds that me be of interest to some of you. The first on is designed for the 8x56r rifles, and has proven to be the best cast bullet as of yet for this rifle. Its odd shape and weight fill the throat on most rifle and provides good alignment. I started the idea of reproducing it, as the company that was making it got out of the mold business some time ago. The new buy is for a cramer type hollow point in brass.

The other mold that may be of interest is a 32 cal pistol hollow base wadcutter mold. It's 4 cavity and a cramer type and will make hollow base bullets faster than you could imagine. I don't think that any of the other mold manufacturers have produced a mold like this. I have the 41, 44 and 45 version and they are made like a work of art. I'm hoping that this wil work well for all those militray 32 revolvers that won't chamber a cast bullet large enough to fill groove diamater and chamber. (think-nagant revolver, and some have used 32 hb bullets in 7.5 swedish nagant or 7.5 swiss ordnance)

The fella that does these molds has about a 8-10 month backlog, which hopefully will clear up a bit after he makes mold making his full time job in a few months. The 32 HB I believe may be cut in a few months.

Please note that I DO NOT recieve any finacial incentive for running or promoting any of these (not even a discount on my own mold!). I just thought that some of you may be interested because most of us are mil-surp junkies./ Dan
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