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Hello Gents,

After three more photo sessions, here is the first example ready for posting. I have had this display for quite a long time and had never gotten around to taking a proper series of photos. The "1st Regiment "Tirailleurs Marocains" were recruited from the Moroccan Protectorate in North Africa. This display presents the uniform and equipment as the Moroccan "Tirailleurs" appeared in 1916 with the introduction of the Mle 1915 Adrian as well as the M2 gas mask, which was introduced in the spring of 1916. The 1st Regiment saw action early in the war and sustained extremely heavy casualties during the 1st Battle of the Marne, after which they were disbanded pending reorganization. The Moroccans served in major campaigns on the Western Front throughout the remainder of the war. Additional regiments were formed during the course of the war. The Moroccans were considered first rate soldiers and their reputation was respected by friend and foe alike.

Patrick will be along shortly to post additional details regarding the History of the "Tirailleurs Marocains."

Two more displays will be posted soon both here and in the "stickied" thread on the WWI Forum.

I hope you enjoy the display! More to follow........

Warmest regards,

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