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1968 M39 with range report.

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I've been on a tear digging out rifles that I've bought over the last few years and never shot.

I got this 1968 "sneak" M39 back in 2010 and got busy and didn't fire it. I finally took it out of the safe and took it to the range last week to see what it could do.

I used some Prvi "match" 54R ammo @ 100 yards with these results.

I fired the first two that hit the center, then threw one up at 11 o'clock, then another two in the center, then the last two hit @ 11 o'clock. Not sure why it did that because I had the sense that they were all good shots on my part.
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Bet your group would have been just as good with Yugo M80 heavy ball, that stuff was made for M39s.
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