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1968 M39 with range report.

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I've been on a tear digging out rifles that I've bought over the last few years and never shot.

I got this 1968 "sneak" M39 back in 2010 and got busy and didn't fire it. I finally took it out of the safe and took it to the range last week to see what it could do.

I used some Prvi "match" 54R ammo @ 100 yards with these results.

I fired the first two that hit the center, then threw one up at 11 o'clock, then another two in the center, then the last two hit @ 11 o'clock. Not sure why it did that because I had the sense that they were all good shots on my part.
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Thanks, guys.

Captain, it doesn't show up too well in the picture, but the bluing on the 1968 is a little plum colored. Not real plum colored like the "B" barrel...but in that same vein.

I have two 1970 M39's. The other one has really dark blueing on the barrel. I need to shoot that one also
Bet your group would have been just as good with Yugo M80 heavy ball, that stuff was made for M39s.
You certainly could be correct. I think the Yugo M80 was made by Prvi. I have some, but haven't fired it in any of my Finns. I know that it is silly, but I haven't overcome my reluctance to fire corrosive ammo in my Finns


That's good shootin' includin' the flyers. My first few targets tend to look like that before I'm warmed up. I'm right handed and whether handgun or rifle, will always throw a few rounds left til' I start concentratin' on the front sight and my breathin'. You are certainly minute of food or man at a hundred yards.LB
Thanks, I have that same problem, Lance. That certainly could be the problem. One other thing I have noticed is that usually, I shoot a tad better on the black on white targets than the black on orange ones. Could be my imagination, but that's what it seems like.

My sneak, couldnt hit anything with it. Your fortunate to have found such a fine shooter. Congratulations!
That is a shame, carol. I know we all probably pay a premium for the Finns because we expect them to be accurate.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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