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(This thread is a duplicate of what I asked on the sniper forum, but some of the better knowledgeable guys hang here more than there, so....)

Well, it's kinda coming along slowly as I still await my new collector's license here in my new state. Hopefully soon.

I now have everything to complete the rifle back to 1944 specs, but now comes the stock conundrum. I recently received 2 superb 91/30 stocks sets from my friend Alsky, both WW2 era birch. One has finer inletting, sharp fingergrooves, and no rear band take-off notch in the stock, and the sling slots are bare slots - no escutcheons or simple liner. This is a darker birch stock, akin to what I have seen out of St. Petersburg and even Finland.

The second stock is decidedly gorgeous in figure and colour, being a very nice warm orange, but definately shows the rigours of fast-production - fingergrooves cut with a chisel almost (but with an absolute PLETHORA of cyrillic stampings in the grooves!), and not-so-accurate inletting. ONE sling slot has a liner (the upper), whereas the lower does not (and appears NEVER to have had one). BOTH stocks show remnants of the CCCP cartouche, one bears an O in a circle stamp, and BOTH have a medium sized 2 stamped on the butt tang.

My question is, in 1944, when my Izhevsk sniper was made, did they select stocks of finer inletting for the snipers, or just tried any rifle/stock combo that shot the best?

There is a DISTINCT difference in tolerances between the two stocks, and to my thinking, the darker finer inletted stock is more likely to give the best results. The rifle is currently still in its post-war rebuild laminate stock (did many post-war 91/30 snipers wear laminate stocks as LEGITIMATE sniper stocks?)

And lastly, does anyone have a TEMPLATE or accurate diagramme to show the measurements to make the stock cuts? I will do the job once the rifle is to hand, but wouldn't mind a template or even really clear photos to help here.

MANY thanks to my friend Alsky for ALL the assistance rendered so far in locating all the parts required, and BRG for the post-war genuine base.

Yes, some would say "Leave as-is", but I do want at least one 91/30 sniper in the collection :D


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"Yes, some would say "Leave as-is", but I do want at least one 91/30 in the collection "

With the huge numbers produced - Restoring a former sniper is kinda intriguing if one wanted such a project =+)


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I would shoot the rifle with each of the stocks before doing anything to either stock. My 1947 ex-sniper had horrible groups with the stock I recieved the rifle in. The stock was crudely cut and did not fit the barreled action very well. Simply by swapping stocks I got the rifle to shoot the way it should.
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