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Sorry to disagree with you Alan, but the No.4 Mk.1 rifle fore-end, end cap and pins were available as individual replacement items as shown here in Australian Military Forces Identification List 1945.
You have shown the parts list shown on page 30 of the document. However Plate J also shows discrete parts and they are listed on page 31. (Yes, I know the OP was talking about the hand guard).

It is possible, therefore, that a dinged or gouged cap on an otherwise undamaged fore-end could be replaced at FTR with new parts from a different manufacturer to that applied by the original rifle fore-end manufacturer.

Parts 30, 31 and 32

Line Tool Font Auto part Parallel

Shown here in the parts list on page 31.
30 STOCK, fore-end, Assd. Vocab number 8632
31 CAP. Vocab number 8573
32 PIN. Vocab number 8594

Font Parallel Number Pattern Monochrome

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