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Had a local shop call and tell me he had an SkY m39 that they were selling. Showed up and it was a 28/30. Couldn't whip the cash out fast enough to take it home.

Took it apart and there is grease everywhere. Is this original? The stock is not serialed to the gun that I could see but it has some weird paint on the buttplate.

Please give me some feedback on the grease and stock and if you think its original.

I am currently cleaning a 1940 28/30 with the same grease, so I'd say it is original.

Looks like they used it to keep the cleaning rod nut in place in this one.

I've yet to see that particular number inside a stock, but it appears correct to me.

Also, many of the ones I've taken apart have the same heavy grease on the barrel.
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