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Super rifle - the DR/DRP/ChDA series of rifles are without doubt to me the most beautiful military rifle EVER made.

My first DRP finally came through Customs here in Australia just yesterday, bought from a well known collector in the USA. Just finished fitting the rather uncommon sling to it (Kar98A style sling modified or made with the K98 style adjuster. Brass frosch stud is unit marked). I was also lucky to have been offered the also rather uncommon DRP bayonet to go with it (narrower blade than a regular S84/98 III). Makes a handsome ensemble!

Here are some pictures of my rifle and the uncommon EARLY sling.

View attachment 524862 View attachment 524861 View attachment 524863 View attachment 524859 View attachment 524860 View attachment 524858 View attachment 524857
How dare you "purge" the available units from the US market.......

Beautiful rifles folks!!!

I do agree--some of the most beautiful examples to come out of Germany

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