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Originally posted by cubrock

Vic's fine article on Model 27s says that only 84 M27s were entered into Finnish Army records as being completed in 1929. Not to dispute his research, but a couple friends and I have compared notes and we have found a spread of over 500 numbers based on serial numbers we have for 1929s. We have IDed the following serial numbers:


I am waiting to hear back on another from a friend, but I know it is a few hundred off one of those numbers. However, this gives us a spread of 531 so far.

I know some of you have 1929s and we are all mighty curious as to the extreme spread of serial numbers that year. If only 84 were assembled, why the spread? Were more barrels made and dated 1929 but assembled in later years? Were there lots of serialed barrels made that somehow did not meet specs and were destroyed? Inquiring minds want to know!

Please share your serial number here or email me. If you feel the need to X out any numbers, please make sure it is only the last digit, as we are dealing with such a small range here that Xing out any more will hamper the research.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Mike O

Cubrock, serial number 32864 was, I believe assembled post-1933 as it lacks the cutouts for the winged bolt guides and is in a like new 28/30 stock. To me, this would indicate that the barrel was held back for some reason and assembled later. BTW, Bowser's book lists a 1929 with serial number 32704.


I posted in the other post but will again here. 32681....I'll have to check and see if its cut for the winged bolt.


So far the low number is 32681 and the high number is 33395. Keep 'em coming, guys! I know there are a couple more of you out there with a 29!


Steve I may have posted this on the other thread but here it is again. 32750


My unissued looking 29 has a serial number of 33361.
My bolt has the wings with two piece stock in unissued condition.

Michael Jon Littman

I have Finnish Mosin Nagant M27 dated 1929 serial number 32949. I hunted this rifle down in my collection. Here are some observations from what I have found:

This rifle was one of several that I purchased on a trip my wife I took right after we were married in 1993. At the time she scolded me for wasting money on these rifles...others bought the same day were three Finn M28/30s. I have the receipt here somewhere. Four rifles (M27 and three M28/30s for $300). The stock is cartouched AV3 on the right butt. This cartouche is slightly ghosted. The bolt has a Finn Civil Guard large S marking but no serial number. D marked chamber. My supposition is that this rifle was overhauled at AV3 for issuance in WWII. This is based on the AV3 marking, the unmarked/recycled bolt and the later D chamber marking.


I picked up my 1929 M27 last January. The Sn# is 33406. My bolt also has the "wings".

ole fred

I have 32497, and it's the lowest one I have on my records.
Also of interest is: the highest 1928 is 31914, and the lowest 1930 is 34143. That narrows it down quite a bit.


1929 tikka m27 sn- 32757

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Serial number 32757 changed hands some time ago. It has a winged bolt with a full stamped matching serial number. The rear sight has had the original numbers ground (not milled) off of the sides and now has Finnish metric numbering starting at "2". The stock is a well-worn and tired looking "one-piece" style, except for a large toe splice. There are wear marks on the front SSE's indicating the presence and use of the side sling swivel assembly at one time. The rear SSE's have been plugged. The front sight blade has the "Finnish" style relief cut at its rear. The chamber is "F" marked. Receiver is a 1892 Chatellerault. No "popsickle stick" upgrade or suggestion of a recent (post WW II) refurb of this rifle. DDR

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Just to add to the discussion, I have a lower 1930 M27 in my list - 33758.

As far as I know a spread of 898 confirmed and depending upon 1928 and 1930 production up to 1844.

Vic's research is great and helps all but I have always thought that the bulk of 1929 barrels were just built into rifles in later years as you just see them far to often for there only to have been 84. A near statistical impossibility that you would ever see one almost 80 years later.

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Thought I would drag this one back up as recently we discussed the topic of production.

Have 1929 M27 #33368, winged receiver/bolt, two pc stock with modifications. Connector winged, but not matching numbers. Hope a few more show up. Cheers, John.

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The myth of 84 made needs to be put to bed. While it is true the records say 84 were made, this doesn't mean there were only 84 1929 barrels. In fact the number of 1929 barrels by serial is actually now about 1000 give or take a few based on extensive serial number research and over 20 1929s are known. In the informational and sticky heading at the top of the Mosin forum you will find a great list by year for most Finn made guns.
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