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I have a nice 1928 Lithgow #1mk3 that I was thinking of either outright selling or trading and would like to hear from some of the people more knowledgable about Enfields to comment on it. The rifle has been FTRed in '54 and looks to have almost a new barrel on it, also it has the Indian screw through the stock, and it has all matching numbers ( the bolt and magazine have the same font as the receiver whereas the rear sight and nosecap have a similar font to that of the barrel) .

My question is what would be and approximate value on this rifle? I know that the late twenties Lithgow's are somewhat scarce due to their low production numbers, so what type of premium would this place on it? Also, the metal finish seems to be a type of green parkarized finish with a red patina developing in some spots.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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