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Hello, just wanted to share a rifle I picked up off the sale forum here, thanks to Allan's Armory for posting on these boards or I probably wouldn't have seen this. I've been wanting to add a 5-line 1920's Tula to the collection for a while now, even better that it's last year production! There are no Finnish marks anywhere on the barreled action, rear sight base has no added numbers/none crossed out. Receiver is a NEW. Floorplate and buttplate are scrubbed, bolt is Finn matched. I still need to do a deeper clean, lots of sand/dirt under the woodline, old cosmoline and spots of rust here and there. I really like the stock, has a nice faded AVS marking and some carved initials.

I've been buying too many Finnish rifles lately but I keep telling myself it's ok, is Finninitus the same as Mosinitus...asking for a friend.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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