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1923 RSFSR arrived Friday

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I was surprised to get a package from UPS Friday as I didn't think they would be running. I guess the sub drivers got stuck working Friday because it wasn't the regular long time delivery driver for my route.

Anyhow, I got a refurbed 1923 RSFSR Tula from J&G. I know they aren't a sponsor but it was a half decent price for an individually graded Nagant, with specific pics of this pistol, listed on their collectors corner. I couldn't resist since it has been buffed little, if any, and thus the arsenal logo is very nice. Added bonus was the low original serial number of 25. Eveything is serialed 25 so far but I haven't removed the side plate yet. It's a Century import.
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Congrats, nice looking revolver, clear markings.

UPS delivered my package on Friday as well.
It's from SOG.
I was not too specific when I ordered. I figured that at these prices, I can go for a surprise pick by SOG. All I asked for, were two revolvers with bakelite grips.
#1 - Nice Tula 1930 with all matching numbers and fair bore (just finished cleaning it).
#2 - Imperial 1905 :). Poor, but still legible markings (still have to take apart and take a good look at it. That's my weekend goal).

I'm happy :)
(most likely will keep 1905 and find a good home for 1930).
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