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Hi All,

As you know we (collectors / shooters of old firearms) are suckers for saving it or making it better!
I started to work on my project rifle again. It is a 1921 M-91 that was found inside a 1950 jeep that my pal bought. It was cut to fit inside a storage area, no stock.
The bolt head were missing -just the barreled action!

From what I understand, it was common practice in a combat area, to remove the bolt or bolt head so the rifle was useless.
We think some GI was going to bring it home, but he never recovered it.
I picked up a whole bolt & the other missing parts from guys in three states.

Think low cost here!

I found a take off M-44 stock & a ratty M-91/30 stock & handguard that I might cut down to make a full stock 21 inch (never was) carbine.

Back to the original story. I cleaned the bore when I got the action & thought I cleaned it well for what it was. When I picked up the action, the bore was full of grease,bugs & garbage.
WELL with the hints on barrel cleaning, I have found here. I have gone thru a black, green layer, another black layer & now am getting tons of rusty mud out of the barrel. The bore is really starting to look good!
I can see shiney lands, the grooves are still dark. The bore seems to be very tight. I hope it shoots well if & when I put it all together.

Yes, it must have cost me more in parts & TIME than a whole rifle!
BUT, It called out to ME for help!

I'm going to use a front sight off a M-1 carbine ( have to build up the blade with epoxy as it is lower than the original) as it is the same size as a M-91 about .588 OD diameter. Everyone I called is out of M-38 sights. When I find a better (more original) sight base I will remove it and replace.

Best to all & Thanks,
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