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1921 Cossack picture

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Thought I'd put this one up for viewing since i've seen some question regarding the last year the Ka3's were made.
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Yes it is now a 91/30, although not one of the factory refurbished ones.
Nice one. I've been looking for a Ka3 updated to M91/30 for quite a while with no luck. Another board member posted a pic of one he got from a Big5 or Dunham's sale recently. I think it was dated in the 1920's as well.
Prior to this one the latest known Cossack date was 1920, of which several have been documented.

Great find!
Congratulations, All I can tell you is they're a pretty hard find. When I found mine I had to look twice as I thought my eyes were messin' with me :eek:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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