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Originally posted by 7.62x54r

I recently noticed that all the Izhevsk rifles in my collection from 1919 to 1923 (total of 5) are built on older receivers.

What I would like to do here is see if anyone can confirm an Izhevsk receiver dated 1918 to 1924. I am not interested in Tula receivers as I've confirmed a couple dated 1920. My theory is that Izhevsk stopped making receivers for a time during the turmoil of the Civil War and just built rifles on receivers from rifles damaged during WWI.

Please post any Izhevsk rifles dated 1918 to 1925 on the barrel and then post the date and arsenal from the tang. If the tang is "scrubbed" post that. If you're not sure about the markings post a picture if possible. Remember, this is Izhevsk only and not Tula. Don't worry about anything beyond 1925 as we already know that Izhevsk made receivers in that year. If you have any rifles dated 1917 or 1918 please include them although I think we'll find that Izhevsk was making receivers in 1917 at least. Models that are candidates for this survey would be M91s, Dragoons, updated Dragoons, and M91/38s. Thank you for any information you can provide. I'll start:

1919 Izhevsk Dragoon, 1913 Izhevsk receiver
1920 Izhevsk Dragoon, 1896 Tula receiver
1921 Izhevsk Dragoon, 1917 Tula receiver
1923 Izhevsk updated Dragoon, 1895 Sestroryetsk receiver
1923 Izhevsk updated Dragoon, 1917 Tula receiver


Have a Dragoon with a Izhevsk 1923 dated barrel and receiver. The communist symbols have been ground so I'm guessing once it left the USSR it never went back.


I've got a 1921 updated dragoon. Date and arsenal on tang are the same as on the receiver.


Here are my 5, I included the serial #'s in case their needed.

1922 Izhevsk updated Dragoon-1917 Tula Receiver-Serial # 78983
1923 Izhevsk updated Dragoon-1917 Tula Receiver-Serial # 57466
1923 Izhevsk Dragoon-1923 Izhevsk Receiver-Serial # 71574
1923 Izhevsk Barreled Receiver-1923 Izhevsk Receiver-Serial # 88276
1923 Izhevsk Barreled Receiver-1923 Izhevsk Receiver-Serial # 91790


1923 updated Dragoon 1895 Sestroryetsk reciever
1924 updated Dragoon 1924 Izhevsk reciever
1923 updated Dragoon 1901 Izhevsk reciever


1920 Izhevsk Dragoon, 1920 Izhevsk receiver
1920 Izhevsk updated Dragoon, 1913 Izhevsk receiver


1920 Izhevsk updated dragoon- 1920 Izhevsk receiver


1921 Izhevsk Dragoon on a 1900 Tula receiver.


1925 Izhevsk updated dragoon, 1925 Izhevsk receiver


My 1924 Izhevsk updated Dragoon is on a 1924 Izhevsk Bow and Arrow stamped receiver.


1920 Izhevsk updated Cossack - 1920 Izhevsk receiver

Fightin Scot

1920 Izhevsk Dragoon- 1904 Izhevsk receiver
1923 Izhevsk Updated Dragoon- 1922 Izhevsk receiver


1920 barrel---1920 Izzy tang
1921barrel----1921 tang no maker ,but the date is underlined followed by r.
1922 barrel---1917 izzy tang (this rifle has the last 2 in the date stamped over 1 on the barrel shank)
1923 barrel---1915 Tula tang
1924 barrel--1924 izzy tang
1925 SN. 300 ----1925 izzy tang


1923 Izhevsk updated dragoon, 1916 Sestroryetsk receiver.


I have updated Dragoon....

1922/3 Izhevsk barrel (with a "3" stamped over the last "2" in the date)....with a 1922 Izhevsk receiver stamped tang.


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Response to Survey

I have a 1924 Izhevsk updated Dragoon with a 1924 Izhevsk (Bow and Arrow) stamped under the tang. My receiver also has the Hammer and Sickle in the wreath stamped just aft of the barrel. The serial number is 6583X.

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Response to Survey

I have a 1924 Izhevsk 91 or updated Dragoon, Stamped on barrel and bottom of tang 1924 w/Izhevsk bow+arrow. Barrel and receiver stamped w/wreath and hammer+scyle. Ser Number 851XX. Both barrel and receiver have assorted little stampings of letters etc.

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just purchased 1921 today

Went to dunhams this morning and purchased 2 more nagants.

1921 all matching numbers no line outs. Stock nosecap straight but stock late war sling holes. standard barrel shank markings with the bow arrow. an empty box has been stamped to the right of the bow and arrow. There is a standard hammer and sickle on the reciever, but has no date or stamp on the bottom of the tang. the top of the tang has a heavy dot stamped center right behind the screw hole and to the right of that is a X in a diamond kind of half over a E with and arrow head sticking out to the left of the E. and to the left of that is a H in a circle. On the left side by the extractor screw is a B in a circle with a smaller G half in the circle at about 5 oclock. on the other side of the reciever there is what looks like an upside down R in a circle but it is very light. there is no witness mark on the barrel bottom but is on the reciever. The bore slugs to .311 and the muzzle is .3115. bore is a little frosty in the groves but I think it will do fine as a shooter.
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