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I have a 1915 dated Westinghouse Moisin Rifle. I think it is a Finn refurb but here are the facts and if you could comment on my questions, it would be of great interest for me.

a. This is a Hex receiver rifle and the bolt serial matches the rifle but the serial number is stamped on the bold knob, not on the bolt body itself like my Russian and Chicom M44 carbines. I suspect this is a Finn Remark of the bolt? Can you comment pls.

b. The barrel next to the receiver has a SA in a box , the sling has same SA in box marking: what does this mean? I heard maybe its a capture stamp? If so, why would they mark the sling too??

c. The stock has sling swivels screwed into the slot on the forearm and butt. Does this mean its a original stock or is a Finn modified one?

Thanks for any info you can share// BTL
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