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I've had one of these for a long time, and just picked the other up today in an expensive box lot at the flea market (unexpected find-yippee!), which jogged my memory of the first collecting dust in the closet. As seen by the pictured frame modeling the newer slide, most of my "collecting" of 1911/1911-A1 clones has focused on foreign copies, I can get several for the price of one Colt. Despite spending some time tripping the light fantastic on line, I really can't ID these other than as Colt slides.

Both has similar slide markings; COLT'S MFG. CO. HARTFORD CT. U.S.A. on the right side, GOVERNMENT - MODEL (two lines) / COLT (one line, large print) / AUTOMATIC - CALIBER .45 (two lines) "Rampant Colt" drawing on the left side. I do not see any "P" or other Government Property marks. The "older" slide is parkerized, looks to be original as the edges of the stamped markings are still raised. The "surprise" slide has been polished as the right side markings are very faint, and started to freckle (rust) a bit but has cleaned up well as seen. It also has a BO-MAR style extended rib and sights installed. The rib is marked either TRANGLE or TRIANGLE on the right rear. It gives a 9 inch sight radius compared to the original 6 3/8". Both slides are stripped.

Not WWI/II, not Series 70/80/1991. Now I'm just dang curious. Was there a pre-Series 70 Government Model?

So far so cool. Wanted to make a real Colt someday. But, Christmas is nigh and the stocking is low. Anyone care to express an opinion what they would fairly bring on the Trader, or should I just toss them on an auction sight and bide my time. I'd rather they go to someone here at GB who would give them a good home than to a stranger on an auction.

No, I will not consider selling them off this post, however anyone who responds here will receive dibs, in order of post, when they go on the Trader. I'm going to continue researching on the auction sights for a few days also, but am really just looking for fair value to both parties. If somebody really takes a dislike to my question, I'll pull the post and figure things out another way.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.
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