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1909 Arg.

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I'm back after a long period of time. No recent collecting because of work schedule and the simple fact that I've found/seen nothing in decent condition. Last night there was an exception. I bought an all matching non-import marked 1909 Arg. long rifle(my second one)...the cleaning rod even matches. Now the catch; the receiver and barrel seem to have been parkerized very thinly. The bolt is in the white and the rest of the metal is blued..just like on my other 1909. The handguard is a darker wood. All of the markings and the crest are crisp and deeply stamped. I've been told it is"arsenal refinished". Whose arsenal? What country? I don't think the Argentines ever did this, did they? I'm wondering if somebody in the past didn't apply some Brownell's bottle parkerizing to it. If that's the case, I could buff it back to it's usual state. Jim Goodman
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Come to think of it, the finish is very similar to my Arg. cavalry carbine made in Rosario(FMAP). Jim
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