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I'm back after a long period of time. No recent collecting because of work schedule and the simple fact that I've found/seen nothing in decent condition. Last night there was an exception. I bought an all matching non-import marked 1909 Arg. long rifle(my second one)...the cleaning rod even matches. Now the catch; the receiver and barrel seem to have been parkerized very thinly. The bolt is in the white and the rest of the metal is blued..just like on my other 1909. The handguard is a darker wood. All of the markings and the crest are crisp and deeply stamped. I've been told it is"arsenal refinished". Whose arsenal? What country? I don't think the Argentines ever did this, did they? I'm wondering if somebody in the past didn't apply some Brownell's bottle parkerizing to it. If that's the case, I could buff it back to it's usual state. Jim Goodman

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Argy M1909

Original DWM Argentine M1909 Long rifles should be in "white" for the receiver and bolt ( Factory Polish), and a deep lustrous Blue for the barrel, TG, etc.

The "Re-Arsenal" (sic) if any would have been a Post-WW II Blue Black, similar to that found on the Argy-produced FMAP M1909 Carbines.
ANY "parkerizing" is a sign of US Bubba Importers etc "improving" the rifle.

It could be that the Rifle has just developed a "patina", and the White has darkened a little, as has the original Blue.

Buffing will just add insult to injury.
A good Photo could clrear up the anomaly.

They are good rifles. Shame that so many had to be "bubbatized" because of their calibre (7,65 reamed out to .30/06) or because the trigger guard (Hinged) made for a good custom sporter rifle (I have about a dozen "stock & barrel" combos from such butchery.).

Nice find,
Doc AV
AV Ballistics

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Not sure the parkerizing was a bubba improvement. I've seen several complete 09 rifle that were finished this way and have at least two barrels and stocks with all the metal parkerized. Assume the actions were taken for use as sporters. I always thought they were refinished in argentina due to the all matching #. If I can find them I will post some pics.
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