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G'day folks,

The discussion about possible 1948-dated No5s reminds me of a discussion we had a while ago, for which no definite position had been reached.

I have an Aussie club-pattern MLE, with a 1908-dated Enfield-marked receiver. Photos don't show it well, but it is definitely 1908-dated, not overstamped or mis-stamped. The 8 isn't a 5 or a 3.

My theory is that it is a leftover receiver which was assembled into a rifle and dated to reflect the assembly date. Possibly for a second-line use, or something like police-use or government-use, rather than military. Perhaps a colonial 'civil-service' arm. It's in Australia, so a possible Aussie government/police/forestry use weapon perhaps.

It's certainly not a Khyber Pass rifle. The lettering and number details are correctly done.

Any thoughts would be welcome. I can't find my pics so I'll have to check my home hard-drive.


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I remember that rifle Matt...a bit of a poser not entirely unlike the 1911 dated Enfield marked ShtLE MkI***s that have shown up. They, to all appearances, went through the normal upgrades in the British system, and ended up in Ireland after the war. Unfortunately, I don't recall anyone coming up with any solid answers on either. A good subject for revisiting.

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From what I remember being told way back is that some territories request replacements of older pattern rifles to replace current stock due to expense of re-arming with the new pattern. If this is true or partially true I have no idea. Here is a 1903 MLM Mk I*, only 11 years and 5 upgrades later. (converted to a .22 Short Mk I)


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Great thread!

Some of these are an enigma with regards to dates. For instance, I have a Lee Metford Carbine dated 1893. ???
Puzzled me for quite a while.

Matt, the latest MLE I have encountered is 1903. When did they supposedly stop making them?
An 1908 might indeed have been made up from left over parts at the factory.


Is the barrel roll stamped serial a perfect match to the serial on receiver, same font?
Could it be a spare part receiver shipped out to the Colonies and assembled there?

Lance, more pics, more pics!

Your pic of this Mk.I has peaked my interest. Wot is that bolt head? Wot kind of bolt was fitted? Huh? Huh?
Never seen a Sht.22 Mk.I in the flesh. Did they use a Mk.II MLM bolt or a Sht.LE? Wot was changed, the locking lugs or the pockets?

I have a MLM project cooking and you have given me some ideas.
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