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I know I am going to look like a dumb ass here but I am new to the group and want to ask a question that I am sure has been asked many times over.

I was just given a 1903 Springfield Mark I with a SN# in the 111xxxx range. This puts the receiver at about 1919. I understand that these should not be shot due to poor hardening techniques. The Barrel dates from 1942.

The Question is, are there replacement Receivers available? Where are they? How much are they? How do I get one?

I would like to shoot it. I beleive it was made to be shot and I want to help out this nice old Rifle.

Thank you, David...:confused:

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You're correct. All Mark Is were made in the 1918-1920 range - well above the 800,000 "border" for Springfields. (For Rock Island, the "magic number" was 285,507). I would still have your rifle checked for mechanical function by a qualified gunsmith, however.

Remember, the only dumb question is that not asked!:D
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