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I have an 1886 Winchester cal. 33 WCF. It would not hold fire position on the hammer when cycled fast, and would drop to safety notch. Also it would fire from safety notch. So I took it apart, and refiled the safety and fire notches, and also touched up the trigger tip- now it worked just fine. But when all back together, the tip of the firing pin broke off and rolled out of the barrel.

So I ordered a new one, waiting 4 days to get it, and it's a different style. The back of the firing pin isn't beveled or tapered to match the bolt, and it has no slot for the firing pin retainer. Regardless it will stay in the bolt, as the front of the firing pin is bigger and is then retained by the main large finger lever pin when assembled.

Did the 1886's have an early/late style firing pin, like the 1894's had ? It appears to be so, but just want to verify. I have the gun assembled with the replacement firing pin with no pin retainer, and it appears to function just fine. It doesn't jam.

what's the deal here ? My gut tells me they did the same thing, as with the 94. Can I safely use this old style firing pin, in a new style 1886 ?

I also noticed the firing pin without the pin retainer slot or bevel, could be carefully shaped with a small die grinder, to put those shapes into it. But then I'm thinking, perhaps this pin is valuable to someone with a pre-1898 model 1886, to keep it original. I did find info online stating a new pin w/retainer appeared c. 1898 based on the serial number cutoff.

this gun is a 1902 s/n with beveled bolt and firing pin
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