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1884 Trapdoor with slight bulge ring - questions

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How much of a concern is an 1884 Trapdoor with a slight bulge ring visible inside the bore about an inch forward of the front barrel band?

Would this affect accuracy much? I'm not really worried so much about safety (or should I be?)

Thanks for your opinions and insight.
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There's about 8 inches from the muzzle to the ring. Kind of a lot to bore out.
Tom, looks like one got stuck in the pipe at one time. Fortunately, the low pressure of the 45-70 didn't seem to do much damage. It's a visibly noticeable ring, but with a pick it is hard to tell, so it may be fairly shallow.

Also, with at least 8" of bore left between the ring and the muzzle, I would think that the effect on accuracy would be minimal.

I'll bet a seasoned gunsmith could apply judicious force to mitigate some of the slight enlargement, but if it shoots fine, why bother?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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