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Azure Rectangle Wood Aqua Line
Wood Rectangle Tints and shades Automotive exterior Electric blue
Brown Rectangle Wood Bag Metal
Brown Amber Rectangle Wood Water
Wood Rectangle Tints and shades Magenta Wood stain
Wood Red Artifact Gas Tableware

This is close . It is for the Huggare m/1903 cutlass . The m/1903 cutlass was made from a m/1867 rolling block bayonet & had the locking cut filled in with brass . As you can see , the top of the scabbard does not reach up to the guard . If correct , it would touch the guard of the m/1867-94-14 bayonet .

Good luck finding either scabbard !!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a link showing the Huggare m/1903 & other similar bayonts .

1 - 3 of 3 Posts