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1858 rem conversion cylinder

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hi guys,
does anyone know where i can get a .45lc conversion cylinder for my pietta 1858 rem ington at a decent price the cheapest i have seen is $239.00 .
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That is

That is , a decent price .
You won't find any cheaper unless Midway has them on sale , check them , but they probably actualy won't have them in stock either .
They are not easy to produce and require massive amounts of PERFECT milling , the price is fair on them . The only problem your having is you dont like to spend more on the cylinder than your gun is worth is all . Oh well , it is what it is , and that is the price for being able to have two guns in one . Your stuck with Kirst or R and D cylinders , thats it, and they don't come cheap .
I certainly wouldn't buy a used one either if that's where your going next ?
It is very easy to ruin one from dry fireing , lack of maintenance , and other stupid things like fanning your guns . There is probably a reason whomever is selling one used to you why its for sale ???
Get one new with warranty and you'll be good to go . The folks at R and D back there work 100% , so its a no brainer here if you want one and are willing to spend what they are worth . I have many R and D cylinders and they are awsome !!! Trust me when it tell you I struggeld with the price too till I gave up and finaly figured out I am the problem not them . :D
Just bite the bullet and you won't regret it anyway, they are way cool to use in a Remington especially .

Cheers, Guttbucket
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You'll be waiting a long time

How long did you want to wait to find that good deal , on a NEW gun and New Cylinder ? He's got the gun already, seams a mute point to me . I bet you aint talking about a new gun and new Cylinder BBQ Sam for $250 ?
If you are, I sure would have liked to been at that show .

Cheers , Guttbucket
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