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140 grn Swede load

I am relatively new to reloading as a fellow board member sent me a brand new Lee Turret reloader for Christmas 2 years ago. I felt I needed to get into reloading at that point as the Swede surplus had seemed to dry up. (Not so now)
The first and only load I have tried and had good results with was the 140 grn A-max bullet, RL-22 powder, and Lapua brass. Mainly stick with about 45-46 grns of RL-22 and I resize all brass based on each rifle I shoot. Are there handloaders that have found a better mix of bullet/powder with improved results? Have heard many people use Sierra MatchKing bullets with good results. I have not experimented with other powders, but is there a better powder that burns just as well in a 29 inch barrel vs, a 23.5" or 18" carbine barrel?

Thanks, Opee
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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