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12 ga rolling block

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Does anyone here know if the later modle rolling block shotguns have thestrength and overall size to be chambered in 12 ga I have been told the 12 ga are not really 12 ga and I wanted to build a 12 ga 3 inch slug gun on this it has been a on again off again thing but never got off the ground. Dont want to go to all the trouble to rebarrel if its going to be unsuitable. there is one gunsmith I have talked to said do it and another said a 20 ia all that can be done mine is supposed to be already in 16 ga but no markings to prove that any help will be appreciated

Medicine Hat
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My question is about the action and barrel wall strength at the receiver. My 16 ga is not real thick in the barrel thread area and I was wondering if a heavier 12 ga barrel was threaded in would there be enough meat in that area to hold a 12 ga slug load of app 11,000 pounds I think that is what 12 ga slug loads are rated at

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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