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Topic author: Ronin48
Subject: 02-45
Posted on: 04/29/2005 10:00:48 AM
The "O2-45" is believed to be a rifle assembled from pre-production T-35 receivers dating from 1902 assembled into rifles using training rifle parts in 1945. The 1902 receiver date and the 1945 'assembly' date are the origin of the "02-45" designation.

Early rifles, with folding rear sights, have three screws through the trigger guard. Later rifles have two screws through the TG, a 9/16' dia. bolt holds the upper tang to the receiver.

"The screw immediately posterior to the trigger guard extends through the front of the upper tang into the receiver. For some reason, perhaps the close placement of the hole to the trigger guard or aligning the TG hole with the hole drilled in the stock with the screw hole in the rear of the receiver, the extra screw through the trigger guard assembly was omitted. In its place the Japanese used a large, 9/16 inch dia. bolt to attach the upper rear tang to the receiver. The only stock modification needew was to drill a hole of sufficient dia. to accomadate the 9/16" dia. bolt.

Two different trigger guard assemblies were used in the assembly of these rifles. the one used on the early versions had the screw hole in the correct location for a screw to extend throuth the stock into the screw projection on the bottom of the receiver. The TG assembly used on late versions had the hole drilled further to the rear which necessitated the drilling of a new hole to position the screw in line wih the receiver bottom screw hole " (From Article V,""The 02/45 "last Ditch" Rifle," by Fats & Taylor)

Send a large, 2-stamp, SASE and a couple of dollars for all five articles in the series. The series is included in "Japanese Military Rifles, 1543-2000+" edited by Doss and Ruth White, Lodestone Publications, Inc., 200 pages. $35pp. 331 Union Hill Church Rd., Falkville, AL 35622


Reply author: seinen
Replied on: 04/29/2005 10:54:42 AM

I've collected info on a number of these rifles and will post a table of individual characteristics after I enter a couple of additional examples into my records.


Reply author: JWMWITZ
Replied on: 04/30/2005 08:46:11 AM
Let me know if there is there is any more information you need on my Type 02/45 for your data sheet.

John in Charlotte, NC

Reply author: Ronin48
Replied on: 04/30/2005 09:15:04 AM
Chip, Stan and I have discussed a book (booklet) on the 30/35/02-45. You might as well sign on as a co-author.

Reply author: seinen
Replied on: 04/30/2005 10:10:36 AM

quote: Originally posted by Eloldehombre1

Chip, Stan and I have discussed a book (booklet) on the 30/35/02-45. You might as well sign on as a co-author.

OK, sign me up. C/

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