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Picked this up a few years ago from a local auction as a rusty mess, and managed to bring it back to life.

The rifle itself is a 1928 Izhevsk Dragoon, with no import mark, Finn markings, and wire sling swivels. So it’s likely a Spanish export.

The interesting thing is it’s fully matching, but with parts that are not Izhevsk marked. The bolt, butt plate, and floorplate match the barrel. I did not realize at the time, but it’s actually a prewar rework. The stock is marked with a “3” in the area where the original stock roundel would be stamped. I’ve been told this is a sign of a prewar rework or replacement stock. I believe the font of the stamped parts also matches Tula style.

This is one of my favorite dragoon rifles.

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Strange that they rebuilt the rifle but did not convert it to M91/30 specs. But perhaps they hadn't begun the sigth upgrades by the time this left for Spain?

Regardless, I can see why it would be a favorite Dragoon. Much character with that one.
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