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  1. Winchester And Lever Action Board
    Hey all, I have recently acquired a third generation 1873 Winchester in .22 short that serial dates to 1891. It was in pretty good shape when I got it, just caked in decades old grease that cleaned up nicely. It was missing the dustcover which doesn’t really bug me so I’ll either replace it or...
  2. Winchester And Lever Action Board
    What can you tell me about this shotgun? The only thing I’ve found is it shouldn’t be nickel or chrome. What do you think the story is of it and it’s value?
  3. Winchester And Lever Action Board
    I am looking for the book " The Forgotten Winchesters: A History of the Models 1905, 1907, and 1910 Self-Loading Rifles. The book was published in 1995 and there are supposedly 500 of them floating around in the wild. I have seen prices range from $300 for a great condition used copy to $500 for...
  4. Workbench Forum
    I inherited an 1897 12 gauge Winchester shotgun. Looking at the serial number it looks like it was made in 1904 or 1905 depending on which source. My goal here is to stop any current active rust and protect the firearm for the next generations. There is active rust on it where it looks like...
  5. Winchester And Lever Action Board
    Getting excited so figured id go ahead and start this post. I will be sure to load up some pictures tomorrow as i'll have some questions im sure the vast knowledge on here can enlighten me with. I only have one kinda blurry picture of them now, (I have seen them in person already) but will give...
  6. Winchester And Lever Action Board
    My buddy picked up this gun not to long back at a good price. After going thru it and cycling some dummy rounds before taking it out to shoot, it had some loading issues. When you go to pull the lever back after pushing it forward cocking it, the round wants to jam on the way in. Mabey one in...
1-6 of 6 Results