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  1. The Military Mauser Forum
    Hi Folks, I have a cg63, accurate as any modern rifle I have. I was wondering is the cg63 and m80 stocks compatible as there based on m96? Thanks in advance, John
  2. Swedish Military Firearms Forum
    Looking for a M38 Mauser forged-bent bolt body. An unserialized surplus bolt body would be preferred. Thanks is advanced.
  3. The Military Mauser Forum
    Wondering if anyone has a forged bent bolt body for the M38 Mauser? Looking to replace the bolt body in my M38. Looking for a unserialized surplus bolt body. Thanks
  4. Workbench Forum
    Hey Guys, I’m new to the Swedish Mauser Club but have been into Mauser’s for a while. My brother got me a pretty bubba’d 1894 carbine for Christmas and have been trying to to at least make it look like an m94 again. Almost all the collector value is lost but the goal is to have a nice shooter...
1-4 of 4 Results