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  1. Firearms Of The Rising Sun
    Hi there, I planned to get my hands on a Type 38 for a long time, and now I've got one in reach, which got a suspicious good-looking -marked- single-piece stock. Does any of you experts got any idea if this is an original? I have read that either Chinese or refurbished Japanese Type 38 could...
  2. Swedish Military Firearms Forum
    Any information to why some AG42 and AG42B have or doesn't have a stock disc?
  3. Workbench Forum
    Just purchased a little over a dozen Turkish mausers and they all have basically every crack/split in the stocks and handguards that you could imagine. Some terrible and some not so bad. Does anyone know of any links to some old threads on crack repair tips and tutorials? Theres a ton when I...
1-3 of 6 Results